NOD Staff

Current Employment Opportunities

Senior Management Team
Frank Tarsitano: President & CEO
Roy Nilsson: CFO
Rae Lenway: Director of NOD
Emily Lemon: Operations Manager of NOD

Business Development:
Carrie Hess: Director of Technology, Associate Director of NOD Technology & Marketing
Ellery July: Technology Specialist

Academic Year Program (AYP):
Tom Kalinowski:
Director of AYP, Associate Director of NOD Network
Cami Andersen: AYP Program Assistant 

Private School Program (PSP):
Lydia Colarusso: Director of PSP, STP Coordinator
Christine Parker: Senior Regional Manager
Alli Lipson: Regional Manager
Lyn Gordon: Regional Manager

Short Term Programs (STP):
Chrysanne Manoles: Director of STP

Americans Abroad Programs:
Susan Franck: CBYX and Outbound Programs Director

Administrative Team:
Julie Suemitsu: PSP Invoice Liaison
Ed Rajtar: Student Health Insurance Coordinator
Jennie Magner: Travel Coordinator 
Alex Anderson: Administrative Specialist                                                                                                               

Marketing & Communications:
Shannon Christle:
Director of Marketing & Communications
Shane Koob: Marketing & Communications Content Developer

Nacel International School System (NISS):
Gina Robertson:
Director of NISS, Associate Director for NOD International Programs
Steven Jordahl: Consulting Superintendent
Jennifer Tarsitano: Director of Business Development, Associate Director of NOD Innovative Business Applications & Methods

Finance Department:
Ann Todd:
Accounting Manager 
Nou Thao: Payroll Administrator

Student Advisors:
Sandy Morgan: Director of AYP Student Advising
Janel Cook: Student and Host Family Advisor
Cory Brathall: Student and Host Family Advisor
Christine Cline: Student Advising Assistant

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