General Questions

What is Nacel International?

Nacel International is a worldwide federation of organizations, companies and representatives working together to deliver culturally-immersive education opportunities around the globe.

NOD is listed with CSIET, but who is CSIET?

The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) is a nonprofit organization committed to quality international educational travel and exchange for youth at the high school level.

CSIET’s purpose is to identify those organizations that successfully demonstrate:
  • Commitment to CSIET Standards;
  • Dedication to the development and sharing of Community Best Practices;
  • Support for the educational value of international youth exchange.
What is NISS?

NISS stands for Nacel International School System. Its vision is to create a school system whereby students will have the opportunity to study in a variety of countries and cultures and yet study within a similar educational system.

How do I learn more about a specific program?

For more information about any of the programs NOD offers, you can either visit our website, or you can contact the local NOD representative in your area.

I am interested in learning more about becoming a local representative/ coordinator. Where can I get more information?

To learn more about the roles of a local representative and regional coordinator, visit the NOD website or contact NOD’s national office, and we will be happy to assist.

Is there any significance to the name “Nacel”?

Nacel comes from the French word “nacelle,” which is the basket of a hot air balloon, as displayed in the Nacel International logo. Like the balloon explorers of long ago, our participants have a spirit of adventure, are eager to learn about others, and are open to discovering the value of cultural diversity.

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