Private School Program

Please note that specific guidelines and recommendations vary by program.

Can I select my own school?

Absolutely! Choose a school based on your unique interests, academic goals, and personality. If you are interested in living in a particular geographic region, we partner with more than 125 schools all across the U.S.

Can I go to the same school as my friend or sibling?

Yes, you can apply to a school that your friend or sibling attends. You can also choose to venture into the unknown and make new friends! The choice is yours.

Is there someone in the community who will be able to help me?

Yes! You will have the support of your school, host family, and PSP local representative. The NOD national office also provides a 24-hour call line for student emergencies.

I want to participate in a specific extracurricular club. Can I go to a school that offers it?

With more than 125 schools to choose from, PSP definitely has a school that fits your extracurricular interests. PSP schools offer access to great diversity of extracurricular activities. Athletics, arts, music clubs, drama clubs, political clubs, religious clubs, and volunteer opportunities are all available; you just have to choose!

Will I earn credit?

Yes. You are required to enroll in full-time classes, and as long as you meet the academic requirements, you will be given credit.

Can I earn a diploma?

Yes. As long as you meet the academic requirements of your school, you will have the opportunity to earn a U.S. diploma. Nearly all PSP graduates go on to attend university in the U.S. or abroad.

What if I don’t want to attend college in the U.S.?

Your time at a PSP school will be beneficial regardless of where you choose to go to college. Additionally, your future employer will recognize you as a globally-minded individual because of your time spent abroad.

Can I afford PSP?

PSP has a wide variety of tuition costs to fit your budget.

What if I need to see a doctor?

Your NOD program fee includes student health insurance coverage. Details about coverage will be provided prior to your arrival.

Can I get a driver’s license while living in the U.S.?

No. You may take Driver’s Education in school (classroom component) but may NOT take the “on-the-road” component.

Can I have a job?

No, you cannot have a regular part-time job. You can, however, do things such as babysitting, mowing lawns, giving language lessons, etc., as long as the work doesn’t interfere with your schooling.

Can my parents come to visit me while I am staying with my host family?

Short visits from your parents are fine, as long as they do not interfere with your schooling. It is respectful in the U.S. for guests to get accommodations at a local hotel. Your host family should not feel obligated to host your parents during a visit.

If I want to go to any major U.S. city for the day with a friend, can I go?

Travel approval is at the discretion of your regional manager and the sending country. You must first submit a Travel Proposal Form detailing your plans. Each request will then be evaluated on an individual basis.

Can I participate in sports while attending school in the U.S.?

Athletic participation is not guaranteed to PSP students because athletic eligibility is determined by the local school district and the state high school athletic association, if applicable. You should speak with the athletic director at your school to determine eligibility.

Will I be able to attend an overnight school or church retreat?

Yes. You may participate in school or church sponsored activities. Be sure to verify the details with the school or church, make sure the activity will be chaperoned by adults and submit the proper paperwork to the national office to obtain approval before traveling.

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