Short Term Program

Please note that specific guidelines and recommendations vary by program.

Why do students choose Short Term Programs?

Most students choose a Short Term Program to experience the culture of the United States and further develop the English skills they have already acquired. Many students also want to experience what it is like to become part of an American family.

When are programs available?

Students most typically participate during the summer months of June and July. However, there are some limited options for winter programs as well. Nacel Open Door can also facilitate a group experience at any time during the year through our network of foreign partners.

What expenses should I expect to pay while on program?

Students should expect to pay for any personal expenses including social activities, personal care items, and souvenirs. Host families will provide room and board. Nacel Open Door will provide entrance fees for any excursions that are included in the program itinerary.

Will I receive any credit in my home country for ESL?

In the vast majority of cases, you will not receive any credit toward your schooling in your home country. The only exception to this is in the case of those students who attend a Nacel International School and participate in a summer for-credit program.

What is expected of Short Term Program host families?

We ask that host families accept students into their homes and treat them as their own children. Students must have their own bed, although they may share a bedroom with another same gender student of similar age. Additionally, we ask that host families provide meals for the student while they are on program.

How are students and host families selected?

There is a screening process in place for host family and student applications. Host families complete an application process that includes references, pictures of themselves and their home, and an in-home visit by a Nacel Open Door representative prior to being approved. Additionally, criminal background checks are conducted on all family members 18 years of age and older. Students are generally recommended from the school they attend or by a teacher who knows the student well. They must complete an application, as well as have appropriate recommendations for program approval.

Is there someone in the community who will be able to help me?

Yes. All students have the support of a local representative in their host community. Many times, there are also program chaperones available who speak the student’s native language. The NOD national office also provides a 24-hour call line for student emergencies.

What about medical problems?

All students are covered by medical insurance during their stay in the United States. Medical cards are provided to participants upon their arrival, and local representatives can assist host families and students with any questions related to medical care.

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