Notre Dame International High School

As part of Nacel International School System, Notre Dame International High School (NDIHS) introduces an exciting and unique opportunity for students to live and learn abroad.

NDIHS is a private American high school providing quality, college preparatory academics to students in grades 9 through 12. The school administers American curriculum along with French language and culture courses, taught by highly qualified faculty.

NDIHS is part of Notre-Dame “Les Oiseaux," a prestigious French school with a long history of excellence in the competitive French private school system. NISS is privileged to be a part of Notre-Dame “Les Oiseaux," providing our students with enhanced academic and cultural enrichment, as well as extra-curricular opportunities. After successful completion of the program, students will receive a U.S. high school diploma in addition to their knowledge of English and French.


Notre Dame International High School is a college preparatory high school that works to prepare students for professional success in the global community. Our unique internationally-focused curriculum equips students to become culturally literate by developing critical thinking and communication skills as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.


NDIHS is located on the campus of Notre-Dame “Les Oiseaux," situated 40 km outside of Paris in the residential town of Verneuil-sur-Seine. Positioned on the River Seine, Verneuil-sur-Seine offers all the amenities of a residential town, including a rich natural environment, but also a close proximity to Paris. The school is approximately 35 minutes from Paris via public transportation.


NDIHS provides students with a distinctive educational experience by preparing students for the future while simultaneously informing them about the world, and ultimately themselves. Through coursework based on curriculum developed by St. Paul Preparatory School in St. Paul, MN, students receive quality, college preparatory academics and enrichment. We seek to provide students with opportunities to develop self-awareness, social consciousness, leadership skills, and creativity through enrichment activities, clubs, and study abroad programs. In our mission to prepare students to become competent global professionals, we strive to provide an appropriate level of academic challenge for all students and encourage their involvement in the arts and other enrichment courses. In each of our classes, we strive to maintain a culturally relativistic viewpoint and encourage students to share their personal experiences to increase the awareness and understanding of their peers.

We believe that students must be culturally literate and competent problem-solvers. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills and intercultural learning within a college preparatory academic framework. We also recognize the benefits of the non-formal learning that students gain from their daily interactions. Therefore, French homestays may be provided to students for greater cultural immersion. Our goal is to have students become proficient in both English and French.
In addition to American curriculum, the school offers a French language and culture program. Courses administered by the French school (Notre-Dame “Les Oiseaux”) include: French language, art, music, and physical education. All other courses are administered in English by the American School (NDIHS).

Paris, France
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