NISS provides sponsors with a turn-key operation including: staffing, curriculum, syllabi, path to accreditation, assistance in recruitment, materials, operations, technology, and quality control.

Start-up process

Nacel International School System, in consultation with the partners, will establish a timeline of events based on lessons learned leading to the opening of the school which will include staffing, constuction, materials, furniture, equipment, curriculum, financial requirement, insurance, onsite help and implementation of the project.


NISS assists in the staffing of the school especially the school leadership and key teacher positions. Assistance will include but not be limited to helping to recruit, select, interview, evaluate and make recommendations.


Nacel International School System has a tradition of academic excellence in instruction from Kindergarten through high school. NISS incorporates the best in the Minnesota State Academic Standards, Common Core Standards, the WIDA English Language Development standards, national content area standards, and the NISS International Curriculum project standards. NISS will provide the partner school with the following:

  • Curriculum
  • Syllabi / Lesson plans
  • Materials
  • Adaptation and integration
  • Access to textbooks

Information Management (Technology)

NISS provides access to, and implementation assistance for PowerSchool, the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system (SIS), supporting 10 million students in all 50 U.S. states and over 65 countries. PowerSchool provides the full range of features needed by schools, such as: attendance management, tracking and notification; grading and academics; centralized enrollment and scheduling; student, faculty, and family management; robust reporting tools; online portals for students, parents, and teachers to access school and student information, etc.


NISS assists in preparing the staff with accreditation documents and helping to begin the process of collecting data and putting processes in place to comply with accreditation standards through:

  • Initial visit
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Follow-up visit and evaluation of progress
  • Unofficial accreditation visit
  • Official visit and evaluation
  • On-going improvement plan

Professional Development

We believe in the importance of professional development for our academic instructors and offer training opportunities that range from in-school seminars, online webinars, to state or national organization trainings. NISS supports our teachers by providing information and advisement for applying to academic seminars and institutes.

World College Counseling

NISS provides college and career guidance and counseling programs aimed to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices. Among other things, college counseling programs offer information on high school course offerings, career options, the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and assistance navigating the postsecondary admissions process. The program provides students with information they can use to support their career exploration and postsecondary educational opportunities.

Online Programs

Due to limited resources, it can be challenging for schools to expand the number of course options available to students. Our academic online programs allow students to supplement their regular course of study with core curricular classes to help meet graduation requirements. 

TOEFL & SAT Preparation

In cooperation with the Korean Language Forum, NISS offers an interactive TOEFL program to help prepare our students for study at the university level in the United States.  The program has been developed to meet the special requirements of foreign students studying abroad at the high school level.  It allows students to maintain continuity of study and progress even though they are traveling abroad. 

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