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From the National Office in St. Paul, MN, to affiliated schools overseas, Nacel Open Door offers a variety of opportunities for people to be involved in the world of student exchange.

In its commitment to international understanding and language education, Nacel Open Door, Inc. seeks people to serve in various capacities, administering, representing, and assisting with its many programs. From employees in the National Office in Minnesota or in classrooms teaching overseas, to local representatives and coordinators who work as independent contractors, Nacel offers a variety of career opportunities for people to be directly involved in the world of student exchange.

Current Offerings Abroad

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Nacel International School System’s International Teachers Grade K – 12

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Student Exchange Local Representative for Short Term Programs

Position Summary:

Are you fascinated by other cultures, established in your community, and excited to share your American heritage? If you’re looking for a rewarding opportunity with exciting benefits, then become a Short Term Program (STP) Local Representative with Nacel Open Door (NOD) and connect international students with Host Families in your area. You’ll build relationship which span the globe and last a lifetime.

Local Representatives arrange homestays for international students by actively recruiting Host Families and matching each family with an international student. Local Representatives maintain regular contact with students and families throughout the student’s stay and provide additional support and guidance.

Local Representatives must be well-connected within their local community and able to create and nurture relationships with Host Families. Successful Local Representatives are communicative, dependable, open-minded, organized, self-motivated, and persistent when recruiting new Host Families.

Most Short Term Programs are three to four weeks in duration during the months of June, July and August. A Local Representative may choose the dates of the program during these months. There are three types of Short Term Programs and a Local Representative may offer one, two or all three programs. All programs require host families:

  1. Homestay – student adapts and becomes a member of the family; English immersion is key
  2. Homeschooling – host parent teaches English lessons with provided materials; homeschool teachers make excellent host parents
  3. Tutorial – student studies English with a tutor in a small group outside of the host family, materials provided; ESL teachers make excellent tutors

For someone looking for a passion project with commission, this is a highly rewarding enterprise. The workload is flexible and self-managed. Payment is commission-based according to the number of students placed. Training is provided by the National Office in St. Paul, MN and mentorship is provided by the Director of Short Term Programs.

Nacel Open Door, Inc., is a nonprofit organization specializing in international education and cultural exchanges. Each year, Nacel Open Door welcomes more than 2,000 international high school students from nearly 30 countries to the United States. Host Families and Local Representatives share the “American experience” with these students who are interested in improving their English and developing themselves as citizens of the world.


  • Accept the philosophy and objectives of Nacel Open Door; dedicate yourself to further international understanding by promoting cultural exchanges.

  • Follow and champion Nacel Open Door policies and procedures.

  • Demonstrate excellent communication, facilitating rapport between host families and students.

  • Possess leadership qualities, excellent organizational skills and the ability to network.

  • Demonstrate patience, flexibility and objectivity in resolving problem situations.

  • Demonstrate conscientiousness and perseverance, with the ability to perform well under pressure and make sure commitments are met.

  • Be office savvy in that emails are checked daily and updates via a personal computer are tended to in a timely manner.

  • Proficiency in Word and Excel desired.


  • Recruit host families, complete paperwork and conduct home visits.
  • Maintain good relationships with students and host families. This includes but is not limited to: visiting a host family home to mediate an issue, temporarily housing a student or moving a student to a new family.
  • Act as the liaison between Nacel Open Door and your host families.
  • Be present and available while your programs are underway, when students are living with families.
  • If the student cannot remain in the home of the original host family, move the student to a new host family.
  • Comply with Nacel Open Door guidelines and documentation requirements.
  • Comply with CSIET guidelines.
  • Follow specific program guidelines for student arrival and departures.
  • Report any incident or allegation involving actual or alleged sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse of a student to the Nacel Open Door National Office immediately.

Compensation and Expenses:

Local representatives are considered independent contractors and are required to sign a yearly agreement with Nacel Open Door.  As such, local representatives receive commission fees based on the number of students placed.  Nacel Open Door provides all program materials (recommendation forms, home visit forms, orientation materials, promotional materials, etc.).

To Apply:
Please send Cover Letter, Resume and Completed Application to Ms. Chrysanne Manoles at

Independent Contractors/Local Representatives

Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) accomplishes its mission of providing home-stay opportunities for students through a network of Local Representatives and Coordinators who find qualified Host Families. Local Reps make the difference and define the experience that the students and Host Families have during the program. To the Host Family, the Local Rep “IS” NOD.

What sets NOD programs apart from the rest is the consistent high quality of students and the professionalism of the Local Rep in finding great Host Families. Participants are provided with a quality experience that will enhance their growth and encourage life-long friendships between people from all over of the world. Contact our Network Director today at

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