Short Term Program (STP)

With the STP, students are welcomed by an American family for anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks. Host Families provide room and board and memories to last a lifetime.

Program Overview

Nacel Open Door’s Short Term Programs offer high school students opportunities to experience life in the United States by living with a family and experiencing American culture first-hand. We facilitate programs for organized groups and also individual students traveling independently. While we do have set programs from which to choose, we are able to customize these programs to accommodate a variety of program needs in terms of specifications, lengths, and seasons. Our standard programs are three to four weeks in length, but can vary from one week to up to six weeks. We strive to provide a range of educational and recreational options, so that students have the freedom to select a program that best suits their particular goals and time frame.

All of our Short Term Programs include a traditional homestay immersion where students become a member of a Host Family and community. It is in this supportive environment, where students are able to improve their English language skills while simultaneously providing the Host Family with a unique cultural experience.

We offer the following Short Term Programs:  

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