NOD Staff
Our Team

Since 1957 our team at Nacel Open Door has been dedicated to international understanding and language education. 

The NOD national office is located in St. Paul, MN and employs an experienced team to administer programs worldwide. In addition, we have a large network of representatives that organize programs on state and local levels across the U.S.


NOD Board of Directors and Support Staff

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Board of Directors

  • Tom Browne
  • Sue Franck
  • Francois Huc
  • Laurent Huc
  • Joseph Lenway
  • Rae Lenway
  • Sandy Morgan


Support Staff

  • Alex Anderson: Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Jesse Anderson: Senior AYP Program Assistant
  • Molly DiCastri: AYP Program and Travel Assistant
  • Kristina Fredrick: Student Support Specialist
  • Jo Ann Lizakowski: AYP Administrative Specialist
  • Ed Rajtar: Student Health Insurance Coordinator
  • Erica Roy: AYP Student and Host Family Advisor
  • Julie Suemitsu: PSP Tuition and Fees Liaison
  • Nou Thao: Payroll Administrator
  • Chase Vaughn: Academic Superintendent