Advisor's Angle: Winter Blues

Advisor's Angle


Where has the time gone? The winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have passed, and everyone is ready for fresh start to 2018. Our students are gearing up for semester finals at their American high schools, and our January students have been trickling in over the past week.

It is not uncommon at this time of year for students to experience a bit of homesickness after the holidays. For many of our students, this may have been their first time away from their parents during the season when being around family is heavily emphasized and treasured. Meanwhile, some others may be starting to feel a bit 'cooped up' due to the long, cold winter season. Or maybe they're just stressed about upcoming semester tests.

It's Cold

Either way, now is a good time to be extra attentive to the needs of your student. Perhaps a reminder from the recent holiday season to 'be of good cheer' means to keep it alive all year 'round. You could also sit down and try and brainstorm some positive New Year's resolutions. The key is to try and focus their attention on the positive experiences they've had during their time in America. Remind them that when things seem darkest, be patient: the days are now getting longer and brighter, with warmer days just around the corner!

We have a saying here at NOD that students are “to bloom where they have been planted.” While the student is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of their program, we are here to water and nourish them with our support and encouragement.

Advising Team

Student exchange is a team effort, and with everyone’s contributions, it is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Please know that the advising team and your local rep are always around to help answer any questions!