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Change Your Worldview

Can you imagine a single decision that would make you a more accomplished person, a brighter student, a more understanding friend, and a wiser citizen of the world?

By participating on one of Nacel Open Door’s diverse student exchange programs, you can become all of these things and more as you explore the world, encounter new cultures, and discover who you really are.

Explore your World

At Nacel Open Door (NOD), we believe that an important part of making tomorrow’s world a better place is by making sure students like you have the opportunity to appreciate and learn from diversity in all forms—cultural, social, linguistic, and more. 

On an NOD student exchange program, you’ll become fully immersed in another country’s people, heritage, and values, all while living in the comfort and security of a host family who is dedicated to your success and growth. You’ll benefit from out-of-school experiences that complement your classroom learning, helping you develop an awareness of your role as a world citizen, learn to adapt to diversity and change, and improve your language and communication skills.

Are you ready to start the journey of a lifetime?

“I think that my exchange experience was so worth it!  It was not always easy but I am very glad that I did it.”
- Alba, AYP Alumni

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How Does Student Exchange Work?

First, students should visit their local agency to find out more about studying abroad in the U.S. Nacel Open Door can help direct you to the correct local agent, if it is unknown. After filling out an application (provided by your local agent), our National Office Staff will review it to ensure that you are a good fit for your selected program. Once accepted into the program, our coordinators and local representatives will match you with a host family with similar interests, and they will work with NOD's National Office Staff to complete the screening process for your host family and securing school acceptance at the high school you will attend.

Once the placement has been finalized and secured, our National Office will send the official placement information to your local agent. At this time, we highly encourage you to reach out and begin communicating with your host family! This is also the time to make sure that you are up-to-date on the immunizations that are required for your state or school. 

NOD's programs includes orientation for participants, coordinated travel arrangements, comprehensive insurance coverage for students, and a well-structured support network.


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Virtual Learning With NacelEd

Our team of certified tutors are ready to assist you no matter what your need – from refining studying skills to English Language support to paper writing.

NacelEd is Nacel Open Door’s virtual learning platform, where our tutors are uniquely qualified to help English Language Learners (ELL) succeed. With decades of experience working with international students studying in the United States of America and studying American curriculums abroad, we understand the challenges ELL experience. We are particularly attuned to the challenges of living in a new country, with a host family, combined with the demands of the American school system. Let us help you succeed!


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Which Program is Right for Me?

From full year or short term, public or private, and individual or group, Nacel Open Door offers a variety of foreign exchange programs to fit your unique needs. Explore the world with us.

What Are Host Families Like?

Nacel Open Door host families are regular families, of all sizes and beliefs, who are willing to open their lives, hearts, and homes to international students. Our families are interested in learning about your country's culture and customs, and you will also have the opportunity to share your first-hand knowledge with them during the duration of your program. 

Student safety and well-being is our top priority. In order to host with NOD, a family must be willing to participate in our screening processes, which includes a required home visit to ensure that the student will be safe and secure. Our host family screening process is based on Department of State regulations, CSIET standards, and NOD policies of best practice.


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More Questions?

We are always here to help! If you do not find an answer to your specific question, please contact us at 800-622-3553 or email us.

Scholarship Opportunities

Nacel Open Door offers two scholarships each year so that more students have the chance to explore the world through exchange programs.


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