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At Nacel Open Door, we believe that the opportunity to pursue an international education and develop a new worldview should be available to as many students as possible—regardless of financial ability.

We are proud to offer these scholarship opportunities to students seeking enrollment in an NOD foreign exchange program.

Arnold Franco Memorial Scholarship

Named for Arnold Franco, an insurance executive, philanthropist, WWII veteran, historian, and one of our original board members who served our organization for 53 years, the Arnold Franco Memorial Scholarship gives one French student in grades 10-12 the opportunity to study abroad for an academic semester. 



Rich Banasikowski Memorial Scholarship

Rich Banasikowski was more than NOD's Vice President: He was the heart and soul of our organization, helping to take NOD from a small exchange organization when he joined us in 1990 to a leader in the industry today.

Rich was passionate about all things Polish; his father was an officer during World War II, and his mother spent the war in a concentration camp. Because of Rich's close ties to Poland, recipients of the scholarship will be Polish students who spend an academic year as an AYP student in America, cost-free.


Which Program is Right for Me?

From full year or short term, public or private, and individual or group, Nacel Open Door offers a variety of foreign exchange programs to fit your unique needs. Explore the world with us.