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Nacel International School System (NISS)

Nacel International School System (NISS) is a network of K-12 schools offering a high-quality American-style education in countries around the world.

As a NISS student, you will be prepared for success in an ever-increasing global community.

Where are NISS Schools?

Over the last decade, NOD has established NISS schools around the world. As our educational system grows and develops, NISS seeks to instill and maintain a common vision and focus for all schools. Using resources and methods developed initially for St. Paul Preparatory School in the U.S., we aim to build quality and continuity among our schools, regardless of their location.

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NISS Private School Programs

NISS is dedicated to providing students around the world with exceptional educational opportunities and access to culturally immersive experiences through the network of Nacel Open Door (NOD) programs and partners. Currently, NOD offers two NISS Private School Programs that students can choose to attend in the United States:

SPP International Scholars Program

The St. Paul Preparatory (SPP) International Scholars Program, located on the campus of Hill-Murray in Maplewood, Minnesota, is an innovative and personalized opportunity for students with strong interests in specific learning outcomes.