American Teen Slang in 2018

Teen slang


NOD students come to the U.S. to improve their English, but some words in our culture that they learn from their American counterparts won't be found in a dictionary.

Below is a handy list that appeared in an article from Today.

Teen speak glossary:

BAE - Term of endearment, “Before Anyone Else,” also short for babe or baby

Basic – Mainstream in a negative way

Bruh - Another way of saying bro

Curve – Reject someone romantically

Dead – When you are so overwhelmed you feel like you are dead

Down in the DM – When someone direct messages you on social media instead of messaging you by phone or talking in person, often with the intent to hook up

Fam – The friends you are closest to

Finna – Going to/about to, short for “fixing to”

Goals – What you’re trying to do or be like, the ultimate goal

GOAT – Greatest of all time

Gucci – Good, cool

High-key – People say high key when they are about to say something they want everyone to know about

Hundo P – 100 percent, confirming something

I can’t even – When you are so overwhelmed you can’t comprehend something

I’m weak – That was funny

It’s lit – It’s cool, it’s awesome

Kek – To laugh out loud

Low-key – People say low key when they are about to say something they don't want everyone to know about

On fleek, on point – Nailed it

Peep – To take a look at something

RT – Retweet, when you agree with something someone says

Salty – Bitter about something

Ship – Short for relationship, if you “ship” two people, you want them to make it as a couple

Sips tea – To mind one’s own business

Skurt – Go away or leave

Straight fire – Hot/trendy

Squad – Your group of friends

Sus – Suspect, when something is shady

Swipe left – On Tinder, when you don’t like someone

Swipe right – On Tinder, when you like someone

TBH - To be honest

Thirsty – Desperate

Throw shade – Give someone a dirty look or say something nasty

Vibes – The atmosphere or feeling someone has; Sunday vibes would mean laying on the couch relaxing.

v. -Very

Woke – Aware of and sensitive to current events and social justice issues