Congratulations Nacel Open Door Stars: 2024-25 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Vocational Scholarship Winners!


Nacel Open Door (NOD) is excited to introduce our 2024-25 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Vocational Scholarship winners! These 25 high school seniors went through a competitive interview process and have earned the opportunity to spend their gap year in Germany. During their CBYX Vocational Scholarship year students will learn German, attend a German high school, work in internships and live with a host family. This year’s 2024-25 CBYX Vocational Scholarship cohort has 14 women and 11 men hailing from twenty states.

  • Aditya, Arkansas
  • Alexandra, Pennsylvania
  • Andrew, Illinois
  • Braidyn, Utah
  • Brent, Wisconsin
  • Chloe, Texas
  • Ely, Colorado
  • Erik, Pennsylvania
  • Ingrid, Wisconsin
  • Jack, Colorado
  • Jack, Pennsylvania
  • Jameson, California
  • Jennifer, Georgia
  • Jordan, Washington
  • Kainani, Hawaii
  • Keira, Michigan
  • Laya, Virginia
  • Mackenzie, South Carolina
  • Margaret, Minnesota
  • Phoebe, Alaska
  • Randolph, Oklahoma
  • Shane, Alaska
  • Sonia, Oregon
  • Trey, Iowa
  • Varsha, Maryland

The CBYX program provides a unique intercultural educational opportunity for American and German youth, and is jointly supported and funded by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag. We want to share some of this year’s scholarship winners’ insights into what they are most looking forward to during their year in Germany.

AdityaI am most looking forward to challenging myself in a way I have not done before. Not only do I have to stay far away from my family for a year and be independent, I will also have to deal with the challenges of living in a new country with a dramatically different culture and language. This will surely teach me how to adapt and fit in.
Aditya, Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock, AR

I am looking forward to fully immersing myself in a German culture and living in a country that has amazing public transit because my hometown is so isolated.

Ely, Ridgway Secondary School, Ridgway, CO


I can't wait to explore the country. Every inch of Germany is filled with unique sights! So many life-long experiences, and c'mon those warm Bretzels have got to be heavenly.

Randolph, Classen School of Advanced Studies at Northeast, Oklahoma City, OK


Working in the internships, living somewhere new, and meeting a variety of interesting people. – Jameson, Francis Park High School, San Diego, CA


I’m most looking forward to getting some hands-on-experience with the internships, but also meeting my future host family. – Laya, Westfield High School, Chantilly, VA


I spent 17 days in Germany last summer. What will be different this time is getting to fully live the daily life of German culture through the internships and host family.
– Trey, Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids, IA


I am mostly looking forward to learning a new language and living in a new setting and culture. – Jennifer, South Cobb High School, Austell, GA

I am most looking forward to being able to fully immerse myself in Germany, which would allow me to better my German, understand a different culture, and broaden my understanding of the world.
– Shane, Eagle River High School, Eagle River, AK

There are many things I am looking forward to. I am most looking forward to learning to speak German and make German friends. I look forward to experiencing everything related to music: learning about German instrument making, learning about German bassoons and pianos, playing music, and listening to lots of modern and classical music. I am excited to see snow and eat German ice cream! 
– Kainani, Kailua High School, Kailua, HI

I am looking forward to meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds! It will be truly fascinating how someone so far away lives their life. I am also really excited to experience new events and learn about the German culture more by being fully immersed in it.
– Brent, Oconomowoc High School, Oconomowoc, WI


I am most looking forward to exploring a new town and country, as well as creating lifelong connections and memories with people. I am also excited to enhance my German language skills as a dream of mine is to possibly live in Germany.

– Jack, Fort Collins High School, Fort Collins, CO


To travel and actually experience a new way of life.

– Jordan, Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee, WA


MackenzieI'm looking forward to seeing how families interact with culturally integrated sustainability as well as the functional role sustainability has directly on its cities in Germany. Every country has their "own way" of doing normal everyday chores, such as washing the dishes, but every culture may approach it differently; I'm excited to see Germany's approach to routine! – Mackenzie, Aiken High School, Aiken, SC

ChloeI am most looking forward to spending the year enriching my understanding of German culture and language. I'm excited to be able to grow from this knowledge and apply it to my life after the vocational program. I am also looking forward to documenting my experience and taking this opportunity to improve my photography skills. – Chloe, LC Anderson High School, Austin, TX

I am most looking forward to meeting my host family and learning German!

– Alexandra, Perkioman Valley High School, Collegeville, PA

Congratulations to all of our 2024-25 CBYX Vocational Scholarship winners! Your hard work and dedication have earned you these scholarships, and we are sure you’ll be standout U.S. Ambassadors.

Nacel Open Door is proud to administer the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Vocational Scholarship. To learn more about this life-changing gap year opportunity, visit and look for the 2025-2026 application to open in early September 2024.