Prom: Like the Movies, Minus the Drama

Mean Girls


Sarah JangBy PSP Student Blogger Sarah from South Korea

Prom is exactly like the prom you see in the movie Mean Girls except for all that drama! It is just a fun social gathering where you dress especially nice for the night, free from school stress. If you do not have a date to go with, no worries! I did not have one either, but I still had the time of the night with my friends without all the fancy promposals.
At our school, Semi is for the underclassmen while Prom is for the upperclassmen. As a junior this year, I finally got a ticket to go to Prom, and even felt like it was much more fun than Semi was. Besides the fact that it was held at Renaissance Hotel, everything pretty much stayed the same. It was the same people in my grade, and the same type of songs that are always played at dances except for a few recent ones. However, people knew each other better and knew how to have fun better. That is what made this year’s Prom so exceptional.


At Prom, I feel like you even get to see different, interesting sides of people usually hidden under the uniforms. For example, you may discover that a normal-looking kid in your grade turns out to be a really fashionable gentleman. You may even discover that a normally shy-looking girl can be wild and have lots of fun on the dance floor. It is fun to see how people’s true shades can be revealed at events like these.


You may be afraid to go to Prom either because you are shy or do not know a lot of people. But I am sure of one thing: no one I know has ever had a bad time at Prom. No one judges you on the dance floor, and rather appreciates you for being who you are or who you can be. Be bold, adventurous, and friendly - that is all is takes for you to have a good time at Prom!