Georgia is a mountainous country situated between Europe and Asia, with the Black Sea constituting its western border. The history of Georgia has been a tumultuous one, as the country was annexed by Russia in 1801 until it regained its sovereignty in 1918. Later, Georgia suffered 70 years of Communist rule before declaring its independence in 1991.

The Georgian people consider themselves determined for overcoming such obstacles and are proud of their freedom. Georgians are known for their warm hospitality and their special consideration for guests. Foreigners in Georgia are considered guests of the country.

In Georgia, people’s feelings are typically more important than facts. Georgians may not divulge every detail when giving bad news and would likely expect to have their feelings spared when being told unpleasant information.

Georgia is a hierarchical society, and age, position, and power are important determinants in garnering respect. Those toward the top of the hierarchy, such as the head of a family, are expected to make decisions for and in the best interest of the group.

Fun Fact: Skulls of early man dating back 1.7 million years have been found in Georgia.




4.4 million


Georgian (Abkhaz in Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia)


About 69,700 sq.mi.




Generally moderate