The Netherlands is also commonly known as Holland, and the people there are referred to as Dutchmen/ Dutchwomen.

The Dutch consider themselves as egalitarian and are very tolerant of personal differences. There is almost no abject poverty in the Netherlands, as the Dutch have many social programs. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion in the Netherlands, and many times, everyone involved in a decision will be asked for input.

Privacy is very important to the Dutch. Most people do not display their personal possessions, and people generally keep work and home life separate. Your student will probably not be accustomed to being asked personal questions either, as this is not typically done in the Netherlands. Even close friends typically do not discuss personal matters.

Family is central to the Dutch social system. Most families are small. Many Dutchwomen do not work full-time and are therefore generally available to their children throughout the day.

The Dutch value cleanliness and they are often known to be disciplined. They often pay close attention to details. Appearances are important in the Netherlands. (It is important, however, to remember that your student is still a teenager.)

Fun Fact: Dutch people, on average, are the tallest in the world.




16.6 million




About 16,485 sq.mi.


Dutchmen/Dutchwomen (noun); Dutch (adjective)


Northern maritime