CBYX & Outbound Programs

CBYX offers American high school graduating seniors the opportunity to for a scholarship to study in Germany. 

The Congress-Bundestag Vocational Scholarship provides an opportunity for U.S. high school graduates who have undertaken vocational training to spend their 13th year abroad pursuing their vocational interests. It is important to emphasize at the outset that this is a “Young Adult” program, which seeks to enroll students who have demonstrated maturity and responsibility and who can be entrusted to fulfill their roles as exchange students without day-to-day supervision.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program provides a unique intercultural educational opportunity for American and German youth. Each year over 300 American high school students receive full scholarships to become exchange students to Germany, where they will live with host families for a year and attend German schools.This program is supported, as well as funded, by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag.

For the upcoming school year, a special Congress-Bundestag scholarship opportunity is being offered to 25 graduating high school seniors with a vocational background. This program is administered by Nacel Open Door.

Our Outbound Programs give American students the opportunity to discover the world.

With Nacel Open Door's Outbound Programs, American students (ages 14-18) learn the culture and language of a foreign country by living with a host family and experiencing their daily life and activities. Through these traditional homestays, students also have the opportunity to build new lifelong relationships and have once-in-a-lifetime adventures in a different culture.

Outbound Programs are available in many countries throughout Europe, as well as Australia, China, and Costa Rica, and include group touring programs, individual summer exchanges, and Academic Year and Semesters abroad. Summer exchanges and Academic Year and semester abroad experiences include options of pure homestay, tutorial, and home school.

NOD provides 24/7 support to all students and groups. Local representatives are available locally to meet and check in students while abroad.

For specific program options and countries available, please contact Program Director Sue Franck at sfranck@nacelopendoor.org or 1-800-622-3553, ext. 603.

Outbound Program Options

Outbound Programs Brochure
Academic Year Programs
Short Term Programs
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Academic Year Programs

Costa Rica

Short Term Programs


To complete the above fillable PDF forms, first download the PDF form (save it) to your computer. Then fill out the form, save it, and submit via email to CBYX@nacelopendoor.org.

CBYX Vocational Scholarship Videos

 A Participant's Perspective

CBYX Talk Show

Active participants and CBYX alumni have incredible resources and community at: alumni.state.gov

Outbound Programs Application Documents

Outbound Programs Student Application

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