Private School Program (PSP)

PSP is our signature F-1 visa program, which allows academically focused students to study in the U.S. for multiple years at private high schools.

Program Overview

For students seeking an academically-orientated experience at a U.S. private school, Nacel Open Door, Inc. (NOD) offers the Private School Program (PSP).

Since 2000, PSP has been committed to promoting cultural understanding, foreign language acquisition, and educational opportunities. On an F-1 visa, PSP students have the opportunity to earn a U.S. high school diploma.

More than 125 quality private schools choose to work with PSP because of the high quality student applicants and unparalleled support for students, host families, and foreign partners.


In collaboration with PSP’s foreign partners, potential students are carefully screened to ensure that the program is a good match for the schools as well as the individual students.

Some characteristics PSP students are screened for include:
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, and maturity
  • Ambition to succeed academically
  • Ability to integrate into a school community and host family
  • Competent command of written and spoken English

Students are encouraged to participate in activities beyond the classroom to further enrich their education. Whether it is musically, artistically, athletically or in other extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to participate.

Host Families

While participating in the PSP, students live with host families. The specific dates of stay correspond with the school calendar. Host families open their homes to students to serve as an additional support system for the student as well as the foundation for deeper cultural understanding.

Host families come from all walks of life, and family dynamics change from one family to the next - some may have younger or older children, and some may be empty nesters, single, or married without children. Regardless of the family structure, all host families are carefully screened and interviewed to ensure that the family is of the highest quality possible.

PSP Support

A local representative is assigned to each student and family and will regularly contact each. Local representatives are available to assist host families and students at all times and will work to help ease the integration process.

NOD operates a 24-hour emergency helpline that is available to students, host families, and schools. A travel coordinator is also on call to provide travel assistance for arrival and return flights. PSP additionally provides national advisors trained in supporting the unique needs of international students. NOD strives to make every exchange experience a positive one.

School Partners

Participating schools provide some of the best educational opportunities in the U.S. These select schools are chosen to be PSP partners for their academic strength and their commitment to the overall education of their students. PSP regional managers meet with school administrators and personally tour the campus and facilities to ensure that each school meets PSP’s rigorous standards of quality.

Partner school highlights

  • 90% to 100% of students at PSP partner schools attend university
  • Offer Advanced Placement classes and opportunities for college credit
  • Score higher than the national average on SAT/ACT
  • Have a strong community and encourage students to become part of it
  • Offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, from arts and music to sports and science clubs

Get Involved

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