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Private School Program (PSP) Local Representative

Position Summary

Nacel Open Door Private School Program is currently hiring a Local Representative in the Omaha area for international students attending Brownell-Talbot College Preparatory School.

As a PSP Local Representative, your role is to find host families in your area, match them with a PSP student, and provide support to both parties for the duration of the placement.  Local representatives are outgoing, have good organizational skills, and the ability to network.  Local representatives demonstrate excellent communication while facilitating a rapport with schools, host families, and students.  Local representatives are compensated based on the number of students they place and oversee. If you would like more information on how to become a PSP local representative, please contact us.

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Main Responsibilities


  • Recruit quality host families, complete paperwork, and conduct home visits.
  • Act as a liaison between NOD and your school.
  • Maintain good relationships with students, host families, and schools.  This includes but is not limited to visiting a school and or host family home, temporarily housing a student, or moving a student to a new family.
  • Oversee students while on program.
  • Document the student’s experience with their host family by submitting online Monthly Contact Reports.
  • Follow specific program guidelines for student arrivals, school visits, planned group activities, etc.
  • Collect quarterly report cards.
  • Hold an NOD orientation with students and host families within 30 days of the school start date.
  • Comply with NOD guidelines and documentation requirements.
  • Comply with CSIET guidelines.


psp students



  • Accept the philosophy and objectives of Nacel Open Door (NOD); dedicate yourself to further international understanding by promoting cultural exchanges.
  • Follow and champion NOD policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills; facilitating rapport with school administrators, host families, and students.
  • Possess leadership qualities, good organizational skills, and the ability to network.
  • Demonstrate patience, flexibility, and objectivity in resolving problems.
  • Demonstrate conscientiousness and perseverance, with the ability to perform well under pressure and adhere to commitments and deadlines.