Living With Homesickness



Homesickness is a condition that affects the mind and body and can happen at any time and is often recurring.  This post will give you more information about it, and how you can overcome it however it relates to you.


Homesickness is associated with attachment, longing, and nostalgia. It is the effect of the unfamiliar when the person experiencing it just wants to feel comfortable. When studying abroad, students that are homesick are craving the way that things are back home. This includes cultural traditions, common events and activities, language, and family. It can start after a few weeks in a new place, or a few months, but it will happen at one time. Looking at pictures from home, talking to a friend or family member, or having a negative experience in this new place can all trigger homesickness.


  1. This feeling can be compared to the initial jump into a pool. You feel the rush of the cold, you're perfectly dry body get soaked, and it is uncomfortable at first. It's not until you start swimming or playing that you start to feel at ease.
  2.  Every time you get out of the pool and jump back in, you have a similar or at least diminished effect. Getting out can be though of as reminiscing about home, or talking to a friend from home. You suddenly feel out of your element again and homesickness returns.
  3.  To get rid of this feeling, you need to start swimming. The best way to feel comfortable in a new place is to embrace it. Join a club or sports team, help out with an activity in the community, ask to do something with your host family. Get out and experience what is around you. The worst thing to do is stay alone and continue thinking about home.
  4.  If you see someone else experiencing homesickness, ask to do something with them. It can even be an activity that they did back home, but can turn into a new memory with the two of you. Be patient with them and understand that they are sick, but can get better.
  5.  What happens after having homesickness is what is the most important part of visiting a different place, it is becoming a part of that place and is the bets part.


So next time you feel the uncomfortable rush of homesickness, remember to swim.