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US Students Getting Ready for Germany

US Students Getting Ready for Germany

The 25 recent high school graduates from across the country who were chosen to participate in the 2019-20 Congress-Bundestag Vocational Youth Exchange met in Washington, D.C., June 27-29, 2019, for their Pre-Departure Orientation immediately prior to leaving for Germany. 
Dream Academy

Dreaming In Africa

For several years we've partnered with Dream Academy to improve the academic standards and performance of a local school outside of the capital city of Gaborone in Oodi, Botswana. This is our fourth summer offering both professional development workshops to the teaching staff as well as a two week STEM camp for middle school students.

Where Do They Come From? Where Do They Go? 2018-19

Last year, 955 students from 25 countries came to the US on programs offered through Nacel Open Door. Here's a look at where they came from and where they went!
End of the Year Video Contest

End of the Year Video Contest

Send us a video of yourself (preferably with your student) talking about what you enjoyed most about this past year, and/or how the experience has changed you.
It's Prom Season!

It's Prom Season!

It's that time of year when students across the United States go out with friends for one of the fanciest nights of the year! We hope the students have had great times at their proms, or are still eagerly awaiting theirs!
A Journey Of Connection

A Journey Of Connection

While simple in words, the practice is far more complex, and doubly so in the many small towns our reps and coordinators place students. But for nearly 20 years, one woman has hosted, found families, and infused culture into Boyne City, Michigan, and surrounding communities.

Exchange Student Tips: Prom

I’m about to talk about a big event for American teenagers... PROM! If you have heard of it from the movies, well, it’s very similar in real life. Prom is a school dance where students dress up and (sometimes) name a prom king and queen.
Student advice

Infographic: New Student Advice

Scared to study abroad? Here are some words of advice from former students to ease your mind.
Help! I Have Jet Lag!

Help! I Have Jet Lag!

You have just traveled thousands of miles and over several times zones. Now it is time to adjust to your regular schedule. Here are some tips to help with this transition:
Advisor's Angle

Advisor's Angle: Signs Of Reverse Culture Shock

You’re getting ready to return to your home country; your bags packed, bedroom cleaned, and your mind is full of interesting things to share with friends and family back home. You are almost there!
Emotion faces

Exchange Student Tips: Feelings Before Departure

I was very nervous and excited. It is a unique experience. No right words could explain the whole thing and make a perfect idea of it. I can only write about my personal experience, and it will never be the same as yours. This is why I suggest you to live it.
Holiday Homesickness

Infographic: Holiday Homesickness

It's almost inevitable you will experience a bit of homesickness around winter holidays, as they evoke fond memories of family and annual traditions. Here are some tips to get over homesickness during this period.