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What it looks like working from my home with my daughter who is now learning how to learn form a distance as well...

In this Together; Vol. 2

I heard an interesting statistic this week, currently throughout the world OVER 4 BILLION people are under some type of "Shelter-In-Place" / "Stay-at-home" order! We truly are in this together! It makes me wonder how everyone is doing. How are you keep your mind sharp? If you are working from home, how do you stay on task? If you have kids who are attending school through distance learning platforms, how do you help them prepare for class? How do we all keep from going bonkers while being trapped at home?
Nacel Open Door Director of Marketing and Communication with her daughter, son, and Turkish son

Covid-19: In this Together

With new information regarding COVID-19 coming out daily, it's hard to keep up. As a single mom now working from home with school aged kids who are attending virtual schools, I find myself in the same uncharted waters as you. This unprecedented situation leaves us with lots of questions. My hope is that through this new blog series "Covid-19: In this Together" I can share what I have found to be helpful and encourage you to share your tips and advice. I hope that we will find inspiration and support in our NOD community, as well!
Coronavirus Header

Coronavirus: What You Should Know

As an important part of the Nacel Open Door community, we want to share with you current information regarding the ongoing Coronoavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our students and families. We realize that we are not experts on this subject, and that there is a lot of misinformation floating around surrounding this pandemic. Hopefully these resources will help clarify this situation.
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How Do They Celebrate?

St. Valentine's Day, just another "Hallmark Holiday" or something more? All around the world different cultures celebrate this day each February 14th. From pink hearts, to public weddings, festivals and chocolates, there are many different traditions. Read on to learn how St. Valentines Day is celebrate all around the world.
Advisor's Angle

Advisor’s Angle Blog Post: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Our student advisor, Ella, shares her wisdom of communication and how to maintain a healthy relationship between students and host families.

Thanksgiving Explained

This time of year is always busy with holidays of many kinds. Take a look at the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

Living With Homesickness

Homesickness is a condition that affects the mind and body and can happen at any time and is often recurring.  This post will give you more information about it, and how you can overcome it however it relates to you.
New website graphic

Introducing Our New Website

See the top five improvements that our new website brings to Nacel Open Door and learn more about the process of making it!
Stories in the Field: North Carolina

Stories in the Field: North Carolina

Melissa has worked with Nacel Open Door as both a host mom and a local representative in North Carolina. Her work has helped many host families and impacted students in great ways.
Exciting things happen in the summer when students visit America through our Short Term Programs!

Exciting things happen in the summer when students visit America through our Short Term Programs!

Over 170 French, German and Italian students were welcomed into families across the United States for a three- or four-week visit.
US Students Getting Ready for Germany

US Students Getting Ready for Germany

The 25 recent high school graduates from across the country who were chosen to participate in the 2019-20 Congress-Bundestag Vocational Youth Exchange met in Washington, D.C., June 27-29, 2019, for their Pre-Departure Orientation immediately prior to leaving for Germany. 
Dream Academy

Dreaming In Africa

For several years we've partnered with Dream Academy to improve the academic standards and performance of a local school outside of the capital city of Gaborone in Oodi, Botswana. This is our fourth summer offering both professional development workshops to the teaching staff as well as a two week STEM camp for middle school students.